The small hamlet of Dunino is a picture perfect agricultural community, 6.5 miles North West of Crail inland. Located at a junction of tributaries that lead eventually toward the sea, the village sits in dense and magical woodland. Dunino though small, has a rich and colourful history and stunning historic parish church. It is best seen on foot starting from the car park of the parish church and after visiting the Church and ancient kirkyard walk down to the burn through the wood to what is thought to be a Pictish site of pagan ritual, Dunino Den. Well worth a walk, especially on a spring day when the daffodils and bluebells are out in force.

Dunino Parish Church and Kirkyard

Dunino Parish Church is situated among open agricultural land on a hill rising to the east of Dunino Burn. It sits in an old graveyard which may be the site of an earlier church, because although the present building dates to the early nineteenth century, the site itself has been a place of worship for perhaps as much as a thousand years.   There is an early stone cross as evidence of this.

Dunino Den

Dunino Den is to the west of Dunino Parish Church and has a number of features considered to be the focus of pre-Christian worship, and is of interest to modern pagan worshippers. It consists of a promontory to the east of Dunino Burn known as Bell Craig. The two crags which make up this site are known as Pulpit Rock and Altar Rock. The Den itself is reached via stone steps. There is a carved Celtic cross in the wall which probably is not of any great age.

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