Ceres is a highly attractive village in the heart of Fife, just two miles outside of Cupar and 16 miles inland from Crail. Noted as one the most picturesque agricultural villages in Scotland it has annually hosted the highland games in its village square since permission was granted to do so by Robert the Bruce in 1314 as a commemoration of the village’s participation in the Battle of Bannockburn.

The Fife Folk Museum

The Fife Folk Museum’s collections include agricultural and craft tools, costume, toys and games, domestic equipment, pottery, paintings, and much more. The premises consist of the former tolbooth of the burgh of barony, adjacent weavers’ cottages (early 19th century), and, across the road, a modern extension (opened 1984).

The Ceres Parish Church

The Ceres Parish church was built in 1806 by Alexander Leslie, on the site of a much earlier building. It is on rising ground in the centre of Ceres with a graveyard to the east. The south elevation faces downhill towards the centre of the village. The churchyard contains a number of interesting seventeenth and eighteenth century memorials. It also contains the Lindsay Vault which was probably attached to the medieval kirk prior to its demolition. Inside the vault are sixteenth century memorials.

The Ceres Highland Games

Ceres Games are the oldest free games in Scotland, always held on the last Saturday of the month of June, every year (except for war) since the charter to hold the Games was given to the people of the village by Robert Bruce in 1314 in recognition of their support at the battle of Bannockburn. It is said that Sir Robert Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, instructed the men of Ceres in the use of the bow, prior to the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. This instruction apparently took place upon the village green now known as the Bow Butts. It is upon this green that the annual village games are held, since the charter to hold the Games was given to the people of the village by Robert Bruce himself, in celebration of the victorious return to Ceres of the men who fought at Bannockburn.

The Ceres Inn

Located in the heart of Ceres, The Ceres Inn prides itself on its reputation for friendly service and quality, value for money food and drink. With frequently changing Menus and traditional Real Ales both food and drink can be enjoyed in the Bar area or in The Ceres Inn’s Beer Garden situated alongside the Ceres Green and Burn. 

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