About Crail & Surrounding Areas

The village of Crail is acclaimed to be the oldest established village in the Kingdom of Fife. Established as a Royal Burgh in the 12th Century the conservation status town is visibly steeped in history and packed with A and B listed architecture. The exquisitely preserved attributes of Crail are evidenced by: the existing historic architecture, including the parish church dating back to the 13th Century, a picturesque working harbour and the genuine community spirit. Crail’s fossil beaches have played host to the great Sir David Attenborough in his 'Life' television series and fossil hunts are popular in the summer months. A once bustling international medieval harbour and market town, Crail is now a home and popular getaway village full of natural beauty, outdoor and indoor recreation.

Isle of May

The Isle of May lies in the Firth of Forth, approximately 5 miles off the North East Coast of Fife. The island has a long history of pilgrimage and human settlement with archaeological evidence of burial urns from the Bronze Age. Today the island is a designated National Nature Reserve managed by Scottish Natural Heritage with a visitors’ centre and bird observatory. Boat trips to the island can be taken from 1st of April through to the end of September from Anstruther Harbour.

Kilminning Wildlife


A specially designated and protected area of coastline within Fife Ness on the south eastern coast of the peninsula. This reserve is reached by taking the Balcomie Road out of Crail towards the Balcomie Links golf course and turning right after about 2km down a road signposted as ‘Kilminning Fife Council Picnic Area’. The distinctive characteristics of Kilminning are the Kilmining Castle Rock, so named for its resemblance to a tower of a castle although the formation is entirely natural.

West  Quarry Braes

Wildlife Reserve

West Quarry Braes is an important woodland and scrub habitat in an otherwise arable landscape. Willow and elder scrub, along with ash and hawthorn, make this a haven for breeding birds.

Crail Raceway

Crail Raceway is located in the middle of the Ness on the site of the A-listed Crail Airfield and is a multifunctional venue which hosts car sporting events, car boot sales, fares, drag racing events and others.

The disused hangers and buildings of Crail Airfield also play host to Fife Wargames, a live team war game using imitation guns, called Airsoft.

St. Andrews

The Home of Golf and much more! Just 9 miles from Crail, up along the North coast of the Fife peninsula towards the Eden Estuary. A beautiful town full of historic architecture, golf courses, monuments, museums, entertainment, and the oldest University in Scotland, the University of St. Andrews. Flanked by two beautiful beaches, the East Sands and the West Sands, gently rolling hills and the sea, it is another stunning geographic location and very popular visitor attraction.

Anstruther & Cellardyke

Cellardyke and Anstruther are two neighbouring East Neuk villages just over one mile south from Crail, along the coast of the Fife peninsula. Both villages are traditional fishing villages abundant with popular: restaurants, shops and recreations that decorate the two picturesque harbours. With their bustling but peaceful harbour fronts, amenities and businesses, Anstruther and Cellerdyke could be seen together as the capital of the East Neuk villages, by size and scale of industry. 


Pittenweem is a beautiful fishing village of the East Neuk on the South coast of the Fife peninsula and home of the famous Pittenweem Arts Festival which it hosts for a week every summer. A favourite of artists throughout the centuries Pittenweem created the annual Arts Festival which has been a very popular festival where Scottish and local artists congregate to display and sell their wares in the beautiful streets, houses and businesses of the town. Aside from the festival, Pittenweem is a beautiful spot to take in the ambience at any time of year and has a very beautiful parish Church and Tolbooth. 


The small village of Kingsbarns lies 3.6 miles North of Crail,on the coast. It was so named as it was an old location for storing grain for transport and later use at the Royal Palace of Falkland in the Howe of Fife. Its Golfing society was founded in 1793. It is home to the Cambo Estate and Kingsbarns Whisky Distillery.

St. Monans

St. Monans or St. Monance is a gorgeous little village named after Saint Monance, in the East Neuk just over 4 miles South along the coast from Crail and 3 miles outside of Anstruther. Its traditional fishing village feel still makes it a popular spot to buy or eat fish with notable and popular fish merchants and fish smokehouse as well as pubs, restaurants and shops. The St. Monans parish Church perched on a hilly cliff edge is an elegant and popular visitor attraction. 


Dunino is a picture perfect agricultural community, 6.5 miles North West of Crail inland. Located at a junction of tributaries that lead eventually toward the sea, the village sits in dense and magical woodland. Dunino though small, has a rich and colourful history and stunning historic parish church. It is best seen on foot starting from the car park of the parish church and after visiting the Church and ancient kirkyard walk down to the burn through the wood to a Pictish site of Pagan ritual.

Peat Inn

Peat Inn is a small, largely residential and farming hamlet in Fife just 6 miles inland from Crail. It is notable for its peaceful and authentic countryside ambience and as home to one of Scotland’s top restaurants by reputation: The Peat Inn, Restaurant and Lodge.


Is a highly attractive village in the heart of Fife, just two miles outside of Cupar and 16 miles inland from Crail. Noted as one the most picturesque agricultural villages in Scotland it has annually hosted the highland games in its village square since permission was granted to do so by Robert the Bruce in 1314 as a commemoration of the village’s participation in the Battle of Bannockburn.

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