Anstruther & Cellardyke

Cellardyke and Anstruther are two neighbouring East Neuk villages just over one mile from Crail, South along the coast of the Fife peninsula. Both villages are traditional fishing villages abundant with popular: restaurants, shops and recreations that decorate the two picturesque harbours. With their bustling but peaceful harbour fronts, amenities and businesses, Anstruther and Cellerdyke could be seen together as the capital of the East Neuk villages, by size and scale of industry.

Anstruther Fish Bar

The long queues of locals and visitors alike, speaks for the quality of the fish and chips at the Anstruther Fish Bar. Hugely popular for their freshly prepared: fish and chips, dressed crab, and kalamari, it is also one of the few places to reliably find freshly cooked and exceptionally delicious local prawns. If you are a fan of fresh seafood this place is an absolute must and worth the wait even if the queue is sometimes out the door.

The Fisheries Museum

A lovely place to get a convenient snap shot of the history and culture of the East Neuk of Fife than a trip to this lovely local museum situated at the heart of Anstruther harbour. The museum brings to life the rich history of how, through a constant process of innovation, the Scottish fisheries became such an important part of the lives of so many Scots

The Secret Bunker

Located between Crail and Anstruther, a little inland from the coast, sits a very unassuming farmhouse with an intact 1950s nuclear bunker which was built as a government command and control centre in the event of a nuclear attack, some 150 feet underground.  Well worth a visit if you are in the area and a fun indoor excursion on dull or bad weather days.

St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company

If cheese is your thing this place is definitely worth a visit. With beautiful views of the Firth of Forth and a very affordable and reliably tasty lunch or snack it is very busy on weekends during the summer months. You can watch the cheese being made and even say hello to the cows as well as browsing a lovely collection of gift ware and food products from the farm shop.