St. Andrews

The Home of Golf and much more! The famous ‘city’ of St. Andrews is just 10 miles outside of Crail, up along the North coast of the peninsula of Fife towards the Eden Estuary. A beautiful town full of historic architecture, golf courses, monuments, museums, entertainment, and the oldest University in Scotland, the University of St. Andrews. Flanked by two beautiful beaches, the East Sands and the West Sands, gently rolling hills and the sea, St. Andrews is another stunning geographic location and very popular visitor attraction throughout the year. 

University of St. Andrews

St Andrews university is Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world, founded in 1413. Over six centuries it has established a reputation as one of Europe's leading and most distinctive centres for teaching and research.

St. Anderws Links

More than a round of golf, playing at St. Andrews links is about playing your part in a story which continues to unfold 600 years after it began. The courses here at St. Andrews Links are all public and with seven to choose from you’re sure to find your perfect match whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro.

The Castle and the Castle Museum

St Andrews Castle was the chief residence of the bishops, and later archbishops, of St Andrews. They were Scotland’s leading churchmen, and lived in a manner reflecting their exalted status. They also had to be prepared to defend themselves and the property of the Church – hence their strong castle.

During its 450-year history, the castle served as episcopal palace, fortress and state prison. It was also the setting for many important events. 

St. Andrews Museums

The Museum explores St Andrews' heritage from early times to the 20th century, covering both the medieval period when the Cathedral was one of the great religious centres of Europe and the growth of tourism starting in the Victorian era. Built as a private residence in 1855 and named after a Crimean battle of the same year, Kinburn Castle became the home of St Andrews Museum in 1991. It is owned and operated by Fife Council.

The West Sands Beach

St Andrews West Sands is located on the eastern coastline of the Kingdom of Fife. Famous for the opening scenes of the film Chariots of Fire, West Sands extends for almost 2 miles of uninterrupted sand backed with dunes and the world-renowned golf course.

The blue flag beach is about a 15 minute walk from the town centre. There is plenty of car parking, lots of information available and zoning of the beach to keep sand yachts and families apart.

The East Sands Beach and Harbour

St Andrews harbour is home to a fleet of around a dozen small fishing vessels, landing high quality shellfish from around the nearby shores, which are sold locally, nationally and exported. A small, but growing, number of pleasure craft are also based within the sheltered waters of the Inner basin.


The Harbour sitting on St. Andrews' eastern periphery, yet just a few steps from the busy town centre and nestling below the ruins of the mediaeval Cathedral and 33m tower of St Rule's church (a climb to the top of which is rewarded by wonderful panoramic views).

The Cathedral and St. Rules Tower

St Andrews Cathedral dominated the history of the medieval church in Scotland from its construction in the 12th century until the Protestant Reformation in 1560. 


Scotland’s largest and most magnificent medieval church, the cathedral was the seat of Scotland’s leading bishops (and from 1472 archbishops). It occupied a site used for worship since the 8th century AD, when the relics of St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, are said to have been brought here.

The Botanic Gardens

The St. Andrews Botanic garden has been described as a 'hidden gem' of Scotland. Around 8000 species of ferns, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees make up this beautiful public garden. Some are native to Scotland but most grow wild in other regions of the world. All those outdoors are hardy and can be cultivated successfully in the climate around St Andrews.

The Aquarium

Nestled on St Andrews' dramatic north facing cliffs, with stunning views of the famous west sands and St Andrews Bay, St Andrews Aquarium boasts one of the finest coastal locations in the historic town. 


Step through our doors and be transported into an underwater world of adventure and discovery. Come face to face with some of the most beautiful, fascinating and dangerous creatures of the watery worlds.

The Lade Braes Walk

The Lade Braes is a popular public footpath in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland which follows the route of an old mill lade with a history stretching back to the middle ages. The walk is about 1.5 miles (2.5 km) long and runs from Little Carron on Hepburn Gardens to Lade Braes Lane at Madras College.

The New Picture House

The New Picture House in St Andrews opened in 1931. It has a long, narrow auditorium, with a balcony and a barrel-vaulted ceiling. Designed by local architects Gillespie and Scott, two dressing rooms were also provided to service a reasonably deep stage, which until recently was used for local amateur shows.